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F&M Ingegneria Spa

Our People

F&M Ingegneria is led by six partners representing all aspects of the firm’s business. The diversity of their skills and expertise, along with their creative, enthusiastic personalities, enquiring minds and creative fair is what makes F&M Ingegneria unique and maintains our innovative edge.
F&M Ingegneria’s main asset is its team and its intellect. Our strong team of designers come from different countries and with wide range of academic backgrounds, which generates a stimulating and diverse office culture.
F&M team is technically excellent but more importantly is pro-active, creative, good communicator and is interested in the wider issues. We thrive on intellectual debate and creative collaboration both within the office and with other professionals. Our open plan office environment reflects our collaborative working practices and holistic approach to our commissions with hands-on involvment of Partners in all projects.



Our Offices

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