F&M Ingegneria Spa

Modello 231

On 15/09/2016 the Executive Office of F&M INGEGNERIA SPA approved the adoption of the Ethic Code and of the Organization, Management and Control Model according to the Legislative Decree 08/06/2001 n.231 and provided the nomination of the Supervisory Office of the Company that will supervise the right application of the Organizational Model and the Code of Ethics.

Even though our company has no legal obligation to adopt this Ethic Code and Organizational Model, the Executive Office wanted to fully comply with the rules of the Legislative Decree, wishing to pursue a complete management transparent and correct corporate acts and all their activities and relationships mainly with regard to relations with public administration officials and institutions, the management of environmental aspects and health and safety in the workplace.

Therefore, through the Model, a formal system of rules and principles of behavior and control has been stated that, in compliance with the system of assignment of functions and delegations of powers and internal procedures already in place, responds to the purposes expressed by Legislative Decree n. 231 of 2001.

The Corporate Direction, having considered the organisational context, assessed the size of the company and the operational implications of its activities, and having examined the assessments of the resulting risks to the health and safety of workers, formally commits to an Integrated Policy that appropriately assesses the efficiency of the management system and tends to maintain and improve the level of quality achieved, the current conditions of environmental protection and the health and safety of workers.

The Corporate also considers socially responsible behaviour an essential element of its identity and a strategic factor of competitiveness.

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