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F&M Ingegneria is looking for an Engineer or Architect to join its team, with experience in retail projects, to assist in the supervision of works on a construction site in the Milan area.


Desired requirements:

– Previous experience in similar roles of at least 3/4 years;

– Excellent knowledge of the English language, preferably with B2/C1 certification.

– Residence in the province of Milan or nearby.


Please send your CV to info@fm-ingegneria.com, indicating in the subject line “Engineer or architect – DL assistance on retail projects (Milan)”.

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F&M Ingegneria is looking for a Structural or Construction Engineer, with at least 3 / 4 years of experience in projects and construction sites.


The resource will be included in the Project & Construction Management / Works Management team for activities of project coordination, support to tenders and supervision of works.

A good knowledge of English is required, as well as residence in the province of Milan or nearby.


Please send your CV to info@fm-ingegneria.com, indicating in the subject line of the email “Structural or Construction Engineer – Milan”.

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F&M is looking for a Senior Electrical Systems Designer to join its Mirano (VE) office.


The ideal candidate has the following requirements:

– electrical engineer or diploma of electrical engineer

– minimum 10 years’ experience

– knowledge of CEI standards and the electricity market

– ability to carry out a complete electrical design in full autonomy, interfacing with all those involved in the design process

– ability to test installations

– ability to organise and coordinate a working group

– familiarity with the main IT tools (Autocad, BIM, Office) and with the softwares used for electrical design

– basic knowledge of the English language

– residence/domicile in the province of Venice or Padua or neighbouring provinces


Main tasks:

– analysing the input data of the job and defining the list of works to be produced, once the completeness and adequacy of the first ones has been ascertained

– organising the work of the design team, in compliance with the delivery deadlines

– collaborate with the client and with the various external parties involved in the project, in particular with regard to any variants and modifications

– checking the completeness and adequacy of the drawings before handing them over to the client

– to participate operationally in the design process, cooperating with the sector manager on the definition of the tasks

– guaranteeing an adequate presence on site for work management activities, in relation to the systems designed, consisting of checking the conformity of the works and compliance with the established execution times (the percentage of site work envisaged is approximately 30% of the total).


On the basis of the indications received from the technical manager of the sector, he is able to organise the work of the design pool entrusted to him, bringing the project to completion and interfacing constantly with all the external parties involved in the project.

If foreseen, for the projects entrusted to him/her, he/she will carry out work direction and site assistance functions (the percentage of site work foreseen is approximately 30% of the total).


Please send your updated CV to info@fm-ingegneria.com , indicating “Senior electrical systems designer” in the subject line of the email.

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F&M is looking for a mechanical designer (thermo-technician/energetic specialization) for its head office in Mirano (VE).



– diploma or engineering degree (with thermo-technical or energetic specialization);

– at least 5 years of experience in the respective tasks;

– at least two years’ experience as a designer;

– basic knowledge of UNI standards – National standards – Fire prevention standards;

– familiarity with the main IT tools and software in use for thermo-technical design and fire prevention;

– knowledge of the main suppliers of thermo-technical and fire prevention components and equipment;

– ability to draw up a technical report, technical specifications, metric calculations, etc.



On the basis of the indications received from the owner/manager, he/she carries out independently the thermo-technical design consisting of graphic drawings, calculations, metric calculations, technical reports on medium-sized buildings:

– on medium-sized buildings (max 2000 – 3000 sq m): graphic design of heating, air-conditioning, water, drainage, heating and cooling systems, temperature control, fire-fighting water systems, hydrants;

– execution of block diagrams, functional diagrams

– thermo-technical calculations according to national standards;

– basic knowledge of national certification protocols (Cened, Sacert, Agenzia Casa Clima, Itaca);

– calculation of gas networks, fire-fighting networks, drainage networks, air networks, etc;

– drafting of technical reports, technical specifications

– carrying out estimated metric calculations;

– promptly informs the prime contractor of any critical issues that may arise during the design phase.


Please send your updated CV to info@fm-ingegneria.com , indicating “Thermo-technical Systems Designer” in the subject line of the email.

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F&M Ingegneria is looking for a potential candidate for the position of Senior Structural Engineer to be included in its staff in Mirano (VE).


The ideal candidate has the following requirements:

–  At least 4/5 years of experience in structural design

–  Degree in Civil Engineering, Structural engineering curriculum

–  Excellent knowledge of the English language

–  Having attended BIM / Revit courses is a preferential requirement

–  He/she lives in the province of Venice, Padua or in the neighboring ones, or willing to relocate


Please do not apply if you don’t have at least 4/5 years of experience.

Please send your updated CV to info@fm-ingegneria.com indicating “Senior Structural Engineer” in the subject line of the e-mail.

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F&M Ingegneria is looking for a candidate on behalf of OTB: external collaborator professional (with VAT number) giving support to the Facilities & Safety area of OTB.

The figure will have to provide specialist technical support on the management of project activities and extraordinary maintenance involving head offices, warehouses, stores, with particular attention to plant engineering and fire prevention issues.

The collaboration will take place alongside the Facility Managers of reference for the individual areas at the EUROPE level and in coordination with the Project Manager Facility OTB, constantly interfacing with contractors, maintenance companies, other professionals and external bodies.


The main activities will be:

–     Planning and coordination of plant revamping projects, efficiency upgrades or regulatory updates or in general new implementations;

–      Checking regulatory and qualitative compliance of plants, proposing corrective action if necessary;

– Managing significant extraordinary maintenance, on failure or planned, relating to cogeneration/trigeneration, air-conditioning, photovoltaic, electrical and special systems, fire-fighting systems;

–     Planning, managing and coordinating in the field projects for the revision of internal spaces / new layouts, paying particular attention to interferences with work activities;

–     Drawing up up-to-date reports relating to individual Projects and the Work Progress;

–      Supporting the OTB Technical Area in the drafting of annual maintenance budgets and in the planning of extraordinary interventions, ensuring compliance with the established costs and times;

–      Support the drafting of Safety and Coordination Plans, Procedures, DUVRI, Operating Instructions (ref. D.Lgs 81/08 and subsequent), proactively collaborating with the Prevention and Protection Service.


The resource will work in close contact with all the Facility Area figures (Project Manager, Facility Manager, HSE Manager, Energy Manager) and with the relevant internal users/customers.

The candidate will work for about 80% of the time at the company’s headquarters in Breganze (VI), while for the remaining time he/she will work in the Milan office.


The ideal candidate meets the following requirements :

– Technical diploma or degree;

– Previous experience of at least 4-5 years in a similar role;

– Technical knowledge of heating, cooling, fire-fighting (in particular sprinkler systems) and energy production systems;

– In-depth knowledge of issues and regulations related to Safety in the workplace and on Construction Sites;

– Knowledge of fire prevention regulations;

– Knowledge of the English language;

– Wide availability and flexibility to work hours and to travel within Europe;

– Attention to detail and proactivity;

– Ability to work in complex and structured environments;

– Strong resistance to stress;

– Familiarity with the Office package;

– Excellent knowledge of AUTOCAD software;

– Residency at/near Breganze, with the availability to occasionally travel to the company’s  Milan branch;

– Good interpersonal and problem solving skills.


Please send your updated CV to info@fm-ingegneria.com  indicating “Facilities & Safety Support technician” in the subject line of the e-mail .

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